2048 Game


Join the tiles, get to 2048!

W,A,S,D or arrow keys on PC.

swipe on the number on the mobile phone.

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HOW TO PLAY: Use your arrow keys to move the tiles. Tiles with the same number merge into one when they touch. Add them up to reach 2048!

Questions and Answers 2048 Game

2048 is a simple yet engaging puzzle game that has won the hearts of users worldwide since its release in 2014. We often receive inquiries from our users, and in this article, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions in hopes of providing assistance.

Can you reach 2048?

Of course! After a few games or days, many players are able to hit the target, but rarely in their first attempt. Once you grasp the game's concept, you can try the corner strategy - our Tips and Tricks page has more information on this.

How can you play 2048 on your computer?

It's easy-peasy. All you need is a web browser. Simply head to 2048game.biz, click on New Game, and use the arrows to move the tiles. There are further instructions below the game. Plus, it's free - no need to download any apps from the internet.

Is 2048 a math game?

While it may seem like it is based on numbers, 2048 is a popular single-player puzzle game for web and mobile that tests your logic and intuition skills. Even if math isn't your forte, you'll still enjoy it.

What is the highest score in 2048?

TLDR: 131,972. However, getting this score requires some luck - you need to spawn a 4 tile as your last tile. If you're not that lucky, the theoretical highest score is 2 to the power of 16 or 65,536.

How does scoring work?

It's simple - merging two lower tier blocks together will give you the score of the higher one. For instance, merging two 4's will give you a score of +8. To get a specific tile score, add up all the scores from the lower tiers. For example, creating a 4 tile will give you a score of +4, creating a 32 tile will give you a score of +128, and so on.

Why is the game called 2048?

The goal of the game is to reach the 2048 tile. You start with 2 and 4 tiles, and by merging them, you double the next tile until you reach the prized 2048 tile. The possible tiles are: ?? 2 => 4 => 8 => 16 => 32 => 64 => 128 => 256 => 512 => 1024 => 2048 ?